Control & Protection Relay Panels

Designs, manufactures, tests and delivers substation control protection and metering and automation panels in accordance with IEC standards, customers specifications and requirements.

Haem Energy offers substation control, protection, metering and automation systems for power projects.

All offered devices and systems are immune to interference and harsh temperatures in the environment of electrical substations and they are also suitable for direct installations in the switchyard.

  • Permissible temperature during the services storage and the transport -40 oC to+85 oC
  • EMC tests; immunity (Type tests): Standards IEC 60 225-22
    • High frequency
    • Electrostatic discharge
    • Radio-frequency electromagnetic field (non-modulated, amplitude-modulated, pulse-modulated)
    • Fast transients
    • Conducted disturbances induced by radio-frequency fields HF, amplitude-modulated.
    • Power-frequency magnetic field
  • EMC tests; emission (type test) Standard EN 50081-2
    • Interference field strength EN 55011, class A, 30 MHz to 1000 Mhz.
    • Conducted interference voltage, aux. Voltage CISPR 22, EN 55022 Class B 150 kHZ to 30MHz.
  • Mechanical stress: vibration and shock during operation and transport.
    • Standards IEC 60 255-21 and IEC 60068-2
  • Insulation test: standard IEC 60255-5
    • High-voltage test (routine test) 2kV (rms), 50Hz.
    • Impulse voltage test (type test) all circuits 5 kV (peak)
    • High-voltage test (routine test) 2kV (rms), 50Hz.
    • Impulse voltage test (type test) all circuits 5 kV (peak)
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