Modular Cubics, RMU, Metal Clad

Produced according to the appropriate standards up to 40,5 kV

Modular Cubics, especially primary and secondary lines of up to 36kV voltage levels and distribution center are cells with a compact structure. By analyzing the system to work properly and to prevent work accidents, these are produced according to the appropriate standards. Up to 40,5 kV voltage level in the modular cubics are the preferred equipment mains.

Regarding transformers, HAEM Energy has a lot of sectoral, technical and commercial expertise. In this context, our customers are not only offered sales. We offer our customers excellent technical consulting services.

According to the intended use, there is a wide range of 6kV and up to 525kV, which are offered to our customers.

  • Energy production facilities
  • Social areas at hotels, hospitals, airports, shopping centers, business centers etc.
  • Substations such as for switching systems use

 Insulation according to Air, SF6 gas and Vacuum production methods.

There is also a Metal Clad line breaker for protection use and RMU and secondary distributor modular systems.

HAEM Energy is working in accordance with the plant structure demand and requests as well as modular cubics, RMU and Metal Clad by producing the necessary engineering solutions for the supply and installation of the equipment.

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