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Amanda Seyfried
Founder & CEO, Arcade Systems

HAEM Energy with its experienced engineering infrastructure works with turnkey contracting.

Such as;

  • Completion of project by preparing detection and study
  • Getting all necessary permits from the relevant energy authorities
  • Perform the supply of all equipment and materials
  • Completion of electrical and construction work
  • Complete installation and setup machineries, equipment
  • Site Testing and commissioning
  • Perform the procedures with all architectural and electrical projects.

Our Electrical Contracting Services

(6kV - 525kV)
Power transmission
lines (6kV - 525kV)
Energy production
Industrial plants
Schools, hospitals,
hotels etc. electrical works
  • All types of building and construction works necessary for our electrical contracting business


  • Road, bridge and viaduct construction
  • Education buildings, hospitals and health centers
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Housing, compounds and social facilities
  • Industrial buildings
  • All mechanical construction works

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