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Amanda Seyfried
Founder & CEO, Arcade Systems

HAEM Energy has the necessary engineering knowledge and experience with large and medium-sized companies, as well as with national and international customers in the following disciplines;

Range of industries

Energy and
and Building
Process and

Maintaining a good customer communication is vital for HAEM Energy. For engineering work, excellent communication is based on mutual trust and respect. Therefore, we always consider customer satisfaction within the framework of our work.

  • Our aim with our engineering services;
  • Evaluating options to increase assets
  • Make assessments on hazardous operations
  • Provide the basis for detailed engineering phases and to develop engineering design packages
  • Scope definition and to prepare cost estimates for project financing

Among our goals are electrical, mechanical, building and construction, instrumentation and process disciplines with a wide range of first offer support activities. All valued by completing our customers’ engineering work, materials and field engineering, procurement support.

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