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* 【MULTITASKER】:Our robot vacuum cleaner is a multifunctional household tool that makes your life simpler.Not only does this robotic vacuum cleaner sweep and vacuum your floors,but the robot cleaner is also able to mop.
* 【LONG CLEANING TIME】:Get more cleaning time out of your vacuum cleaner with the extended battery life.Additionally,our automatic vacuum cleaner robot features a larger dust bin than most, allowing for more time between trips to empty the dirt.
* 【SMART CLEANING】:Through the use of anti-drop sensors,this robotic vacuum cleaner protects itself.Your cleaner robot can easily navigate throughout your home,but the vacuum cleaner will not fall down the stairs or drop off ledges as it cleans.
* 【PET-FRIENDLY CLEANER】:Made to be perfectly suitable in homes with pets,our robotic pet hair vacuum will keep messes at bay.Easily clean up your pet’s hair that has shed,stray kibble,and other small messes left behind by your furry friend.
* 【CONVENIENT CONTROL OPTIONS】:You can easily program this auto vacuum cleaner robot to tidy up messes where needed,and the remote vacuum robot will start cleaning as you command it to through your smart assistants like Google or Alexa.

* SMART BROOMOP:Intelligent IC chipset robot vacuum cleaner with multi modes setting can do auto,spot,edge and schedule cleaning.
* 3 IN 1 VACUUM & SWEEP & MOP 2500pa highly suction ability smart robot vacuum cleaner automatic vacuuming,sweeping and mopping.
* INTELLIGENT PROTECTION:Automatic vacuum cleaner robot with genius gyro routing to provide efficiency cleaning coverage.
* SUPER BATTERY POWER & AUTOMATIC:High capacity 4400mAh battery.

About products advantages:

The mop is a new type of material (fiber + cotton),which is different from the traditional fiber mop. It has super water-locking ability and can replace the water tank,so we don’t need to buy a water tank.And we have also applied for a patent for the mop.
1.Batteries,motherboards,fans and motors all take protective measures.Once the temperature is too high,they will automatically stop working.The cost of our protective measures is higher than others, so our products are safer than others.
2.Battery life,our battery capacity is 4400mAh,the actual use time is 120-150 minutes,and the working range reaches 120-150 square meters.The battery capacity of many suppliers is almost 2600mAh,and the use time of 120-150 minutes is also a virtual standard.In fact,it can only be used for about 90 minutes,and the working range cannot reach 120 square meters.
3.The suction power is 2500pa,and the landing is at least 2000pa.The suction power is larger than that of the sweeping robot of the same price,and the noise is low,only 65 decibels.If someone else’s sweeping robot wants to achieve this suction,the noise will be at least 72 decibels.
4.The wheels are wear-resistant and hardly wear out even after more than half a year.Some suppliers may have severe wear and tear after 3-4 months of use, and they may slip easily.
5. The material used in the dust box is better than that of other suppliers. The three-layer filter costs more than others.The nylon mesh has finer holes.The filter cotton (fiber +cotton) in the middle can absorb particles.The final filter is Hepa,so that we can ensure that the air returning to the room is clean and breathable.Others only filter by nylon mesh with large holes and Hepa.If the filter is not clean,the dust will return to the air and we will breathe again.At night,turn off the lights and shine a flashlight to see a lot of dust floating in the air.
6.The quality of the brush is better than that of the same price.It is anti-winding and can be used for more than half a year.
7.Before the motor is put into use,it will go through hundreds of thousands of tests,and there are five sets of reduction gears,so the motor will not get stuck.
8.Recharge (automatic charging),non-planar design,convenient for the robot to recharge,the accuracy rate reaches 90%.Forother suppliers’ products,10 recharges may only be accurately recharged 5-6 times,and the user experience is poor.
9.Other people’s products are high-voltage input,low-voltage operation.Our products are low-voltage
input, high-voltage work,more energy-saving,we have invention patents.